Frequently Asked Questions

Hey guys, love the podcast.  How do I make one of my own?

Click here.  This should get you started.

Hey guys, love the podcast.  How do I get on as a guest?

Engage with us on Twitter and email, play with us on PSN, and you might someday get an invite.

Hey guys, love the podcast. How do I play with you online?

On PSN, please send a friend request to Singard (aka Jeff the Zombie).

Hey guys, love the podcast.  You’re all too old to play video games. Why don’t you go out there and get a life?

We’ll take your advice just as soon as you move out of your parents’ house and graduate from high school or college.  Then get a job, get married, have kids and/or get ground into dust by life and then come back here and give us that advice again.  You’ll see what we mean.

Hey guys, love the podcast.  I hear you’re going to be talking about my favorite Cruicble map or strike mission or raid next month.  How do I send in my tips and strategies?

You can submit your tips in our Facebook group right here.  Or you can email us by clicking here.

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