Activision Announces 'Call of Duty: Elite' Service


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Activision Announces ‘Call of Duty: Elite’ Service

Call of Duty: Elite is an innovative new online service that enriches gamers’ Call of Duty multiplayer experience. To get an early look at Elite, register for the closed beta on the COD website by CLICKING HERE. Here’s a video Activision put together to demonstrate some of the properties of Elite: Forum Discussion: CLICK HERE

Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Released

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Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Released

The Modern Warfare 3 Premiere Trailer is live! It was shown last night, Monday the 24th, during the NBA Western Conference Finals. Check out the video here: Forum Discussion: CLICK HERE


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We Need YOU for our Call-in Show!

We’ll be hosting a call-in show about Zombie mode. We want YOU to talk about this mode. You can email us any questions or comments about Zombie mode at jointopspodcast(at) or call our Television Zombies toll-free voicemail line at 1-888-204-9591. You can also record an mp3 or wav on your computer and email it to […]

Black Ops Top 10 Amazing Kills


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Black Ops Top 10 Amazing Kills

Anoj has started putting together his fantastic Top 10 Series for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Love his first episode:

How to Put Your Black Ops Clips Online (for free!)

The below video is a short and simple tutorial that explains how you can put your Black Ops gameplay footage on YouTube. You don’t need a capture card or any extra wires. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s just part of the game! We’d love to see your best gameplay footage! Share it with the community […]

Vote for Joint Ops for the Podcast Awards!

It’s time for the annual Podcast Awards. These annual awards rely on the podcast’s audience to get nominated. We’d appreciate it if you voted for us. Here’s how: 1)Visit 2) Go to “Gaming” and enter Joint Ops Monthly for Podcast Name and for Podcast URL 3) You may also nominate us for EITHER […]

Medal of Honor Trailer: Leave a Message

The new Medal of Honor trailer is out, and although it doesn’t show any gameplay, it makes me very excited about the story. As much as I love the Call of Duty franchise, I really find the more realistic tone appealing. I’m very much looking forward to see what EALA and DICE have cooked up […]