We Need YOU for our Call-in Show!

We’ll be hosting a call-in show about Zombie mode. We want YOU to talk about this mode. You can email us any questions or comments about Zombie mode at jointopspodcast(at)gmail.com or call our Television Zombies toll-free voicemail line at 1-888-204-9591. You can also record an mp3 or wav on your computer and email it to us. But you can also call in LIVE! Just sign up on Skype and add a contact request to tvzombies. Then, on Sunday, March 20th, get on skype at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Send a text message to tvzombies that you want to talk and we will add you to the conference. There may be several people so it’s possible you could have to wait and we may have to keep it short. But this is your opportunity to talk to the cast and be on the podcast!

Write or call us about anything. Now! Or reply if you plan to skype in so we have a rough idea of how many folks we can count on.

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