Joint Ops Monthly Episode 17: Competitive Gaming

In this special episode of Joint Ops, Chris goes on a fact-finding mission to learn what competitive gaming is all about. On the way, he interviews FPS pros including MLG YouTuber Boss Jacoby, Final Boss coach Mazsik, team TVA player Stillz, MLG player Rambo of Team Optic and … the Internet’s own Boss Nasti?

15 Responses to “Joint Ops Monthly Episode 17: Competitive Gaming”

  1. saucy git says:

    So according to Nasti,I can tell gamers, as a coach, 2% (1% is complimentary percentage) of prep for a game. If they win, I get 101% credit. (1% is complimentary percentage). :O

  2. BossJacoby says:

    Wow. Awesome podcast! So glad that I could be a part of it!

  3. theYeti1 says:

    Haven’t listened yet…on vacation right now, but cant wait!

  4. cepwin says:

    I really enjoyed the interviews…they were very informative and well done. Nice job!!!

  5. The Voice of Reason says:

    How the Hell does Boss Jacoby like Black Ops the best for competitive, but liked MW2 for pubs? MW2 was fucking garbage! Lots of respect lost for Boss Jacoby.

  6. ayamlegend says:

    ZOMG rambino =)

  7. Dayne says:

    Personally i dont think that SND perks is the most challenging/ skill taking, i would say either CTF or dom MLG var is more difficult other then that this was an awesome podcast.

  8. aw gula says:

    Just finished listening. Great episode!

  9. Raedos says:

    Whats this interviewer called, he’s great lol.

  10. Brian says:

    Great podcast. And boss nasti? His level of ignorance is very amusing, not to mention extremely embarrassing.

  11. TDP Minus says:

    i just started listening to you guys podcast and it’s very good, great tips and funny. this podcast was extremely great, i listened to it 3 times, no joke. the first time i heard it i was so amazed how f’in dumb boss nasti was i had to listen again, just to make sure i was hearing how retarded he really was. then i had to listen to it for the third time to show my roommate how crazy that interview was. we almost started a drinking game, by taking a shot everytime he said “i’ll give you a perfect example”, besides the tard, the show introduced me to and my friends and i are going to start playing on there. thanks for all the awesome info and amazing interview with boss dumbass. keep up the good work guys.

  12. Furofuro says:

    Chris, you did good my man. It was really hard to listen to the nasti part, and you’re either patient as a god or a little masochistic to be able to continiously take those insults and sheer degree of insanity (the joker’s laughter)…BIGGEST UP.

  13. Brooney says:

    Boss was only saying how he was a part of his team’s progress to become that good, lmao. And everything else was him arguing.

  14. S1L3NT_GH0ST says:

    If I had a dollar for every time Boss Nasti said “the fact of the matter is” or “for example” I would have made more money then he has ever won by competitively gaming. He is a moron and disagreed with about anything Chris said. Kudos to your Chris!

  15. ComeAtMeBRO 15 says:

    Cuz you see the fact of the matter is that the matter of the fact is referring to the facts.