Joint Ops Monthly Episode 15: Summit

In this episode, the Joint Ops team discusses tips and strategies for the Black Ops map, Summit. Also, the latest Call of Duty news, listener mail and an interview with stand up comedian and Call of Duty fan, Kumail Nanjiani.

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3 Responses to “Joint Ops Monthly Episode 15: Summit”

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  2. theYeti1 says:

    Great episode!! New listener/new gamer. I early enjoy the humor and humility of your podcast. Not everyone is great but that doesn’t mean people don’t love playing the game (that’s me by the way). Your tips are really really helping me out. I have 6 kids, two jobs and love the game (Black Ops), totally new to the whole gaming concept. I don’t get to play much…so your advice is helping me learn and play better when I can. Keep up the good work. Thanks. the_yeti1_ (ps3)

  3. Mitchell says:

    Love the podcast but not as much as I love Summit. When I frist start I was ( boused players on this map ) getting killed sooooo meny time it was funny to others players. Im 14 like to 20 yare olds shit there gameplay in to a shit hole. Not going to say my class or kill spots because noobs still my spots. I play on PSN ID is G-mode44 add me as a friend.