How to Put Your Black Ops Clips Online (for free!)

The below video is a short and simple tutorial that explains how you can put your Black Ops gameplay footage on YouTube. You don’t need a capture card or any extra wires. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s just part of the game!

We’d love to see your best gameplay footage! Share it with the community on our forums. Maybe we’ll even post the best stuff here on the main page of the site.

4 Responses to “How to Put Your Black Ops Clips Online (for free!)”

  1. Hatface says:

    You have, in all seriousness, saved me £50 for a capture card. Thanks!

  2. Mark says:

    Well, We had a go to see if we could get gameplay clips onto youtube, montaged together and with music……without spending any money….and this is the result:

    Whilst not epic footage it proved the concept….cool footage to be posted very soon!!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Has anyone else noticed that in theatre mode that the dead bodies dissapear upon being stuck and exploded by a crossbow hit? Check out this video to see what I mean [apologies for this obvious plug for the vid but it does also highlight the bug ;-)]

    Check out 1:29 – to tha face!!!

  4. XxxPsychoGamer says:

    The only thing that i don’t like that you can only post 30 seconds of video..I hope when they throw the full Theatre version they can extend the time of video clips instead of the Beta they have on now.