Vote for Joint Ops for the Podcast Awards!

It’s time for the annual Podcast Awards. These annual awards rely on the podcast’s audience to get nominated. We’d appreciate it if you voted for us. Here’s how:


    2) Go to “Gaming” and enter Joint Ops Monthly for Podcast Name and for Podcast URL

    3) You may also nominate us for EITHER People’s Choice or Best Produced but NOT BOTH

    4) Voting ends on November 21st so please vote before then!

Please be sure you vote for us in the “Gaming” category ONLY and only vote once. If you hit submit a second time, your votes are discarded.

We would also appreciate it if you added Television Zombies ( to the Cultural/Arts section when you vote.

Thank you to our awesome fans. We have several episodes recorded and ready to drop soon!

3 Responses to “Vote for Joint Ops for the Podcast Awards!”

  1. Hatface says:

    Done, and done. JOPS and TVZ are a shoo-in to win.

  2. Dying P3nguinz says:

    VOTED FOR! They are totes-ma-gotes gonna win! (if you didn’t get that reference, watch I Love You Man)

  3. Oh, I got that reference. Thanks guys. We’re nothing without listeners that support and enjoy the show.