Black Ops Multiplayer Details (Plus: No Open Beta?)

Yesterday, Treyarch revealed a lot of new multiplayer details for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Of course, as the hardcore fans we are, this only made us ask more questions, but we’ll get to that.

Here’s what we learned:

There’s a new way to unlock guns, equipment, attachments and killstreaks. You can still level up by acquiring experience points, but there is also in-game currency, called “CoD Points, or simply CP. You cannot buy CP with real money. CP can be used to buy higher-level weapons that you want. Instead, you gain CP through either Contracts or Wager Matches.

Contracts are an updated version of the Challenges from previous CoD games. Instead of XP, you earn CP. Simple.

Wager matches are a free-for-all CP grab. You ante up CP to enter, but only the top 3 players win CP and everyone else loses what they’ve anted up! There are four wager match modes:

    One in the Chamber: You are armed with a knife and a pistol with a single bullet. Every kill earns you a bullet. One hit kills.

    Sticks and Stones: You are armed with the crossbow, ballistic knife, and tomahawk. Crossbow and knife kills give you points and a tomahawk kill bankrupts the victim!

    Gun Game: Everyone starts with a pistol and each kill levels you up to the next highest weapon (20 in all). The first player to get a kill with each weapon wins. A melee kill to you drops you back one gun level.

    Sharpshooter: Everyone starts with the same random weapon. Every 45 seconds, a new gun is given to everyone. Everyone is always forced to use the same weapon.

Treyarch created the following video to showcase their new “wager match” modes:

Treyarch also released their list of Perks:

Perk 1

    Lightweight: move faster
    Scavenger: pick up ammo from fallen enemies
    Ghost: invisible to spy plane and Blackbird (like Cold blooded)
    Flak jacket: reduce explosive damage
    Hardline: killstreaks require 1 less kill

Perk 2

    Hardened: bullets penetrate better (like FMJ)
    Scout: hold breath longer
    Steady aim: increased hip-fire accuracy
    Sleight of hand: faster reloading
    Warlord: equip 2 attachments to primary weapon

Perk 3

    Marathon: longer sprint
    Ninja: silent movement
    Second chance: pull out your pistol before dying (like Last stand)
    Hacker: detect enemy equipment and explosives (like Sitrep)
    Tactical mask: reduce the effect of flash and concussion grenades (like Blast shield)

Finally, the full list of Killstreaks:

    3: Spy Plane
    3: RC-XD (remote bomb)
    4: Counter Spy Plane
    4: SAM Turret
    5: Care Package
    5: Napalm Strike
    6: Sentry Gun
    6: Mortar Team
    7: Attack Helicopter
    7: Valkyrie Rockets
    8: Blackbird
    8: Rolling Thunder
    9: Chopper Gunner
    11: Attack Dogs
    11: Gunship

Questions we have:

    Treyarch announced the won’t have an open beta-should this be a concern?
    How will leveling up and CP work together?
    Can you still destroy killstreak rewards?
    Will the CP system help to eliminate boosting/hacking?

Your thoughts?

3 Responses to “Black Ops Multiplayer Details (Plus: No Open Beta?)”

  1. Rusty S. says:

    yea open beta is a cocern because no one will be able to test it there will not be any public opinion weather the cp system is even wanted.

    How will cp work with leveling up i dont get it.

    yes you probably will because treyarch copies off infinity ward

    no it wont there will always be a way to bost and there is no way it can eliminate hacking that make no sence

  2. Y2Ken says:

    I’m slightly disappointed that there’s no open beta, but we’ll just have to wait and see whether that comes back to haunt them or not.

    I believe as you level up you will unlock certain things – so at level 4 you unlock “Perks” and can buy whichever ones you want. Once you reach the level that unlocks a certain gun, you can buy it and any attachment you want for it (so no more having to unlock the holo sight if you prefer it). That’s the basic concept, I like the idea as it seems to allow you to really focus on what you like most – such as buying lots of different killstreaks rather than underslung flamethrowers for all your assault rifles, for example.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to destroy killstreaks to an extent, for 3 reasons. Firstly, the SAM Turret is designed to take out air support, if the name is anything to go by. Secondly, there has been talk of how the Blackbird cannot be shot down, which would imply that other killstreaks can. And finally, I’m sure I saw someone getting hitmarkers on a Spy Plane in one of the videos. As to whether Stingers will return or not, I believe there is a “Launchers” option but we didn’t see what was in it.

    I’m sure people will keep trying to boost, but Treyarch are making big noises about how they’ve got new ways to monitor Tac Insert usage, and I believe they may have banned it from Free-For-All, which would be nice. And there’s no nukes either. Check here for what they had to say on that:

    Looking forward to finally getting my hands on this game!

  3. C_u_s_-_t_a_r_D says:

    yeah they may moniter tac insert usage but who said any thing about using it? people will fill wager lobbies with friends who will push max cp and let one dude win… like they do now and they will go straight for the toob…