Joint Ops Monthly Episode 10: Carnival

In the tenth episode of Joint Ops Monthly, we are joined by one of the most successful modders on XBOX Live to get his side of the controversial 10th Prestige Lobby issue, discuss tips and tricks for Carnival, the latest Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 news and listener mail.

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9 Responses to “Joint Ops Monthly Episode 10: Carnival”

  1. Dominic Schirru says:

    HI my name is Dom PSN gamer tag is domrulzify.Ok what you do for carnival is stand next to one of the clowns with cold blooded pro and wait patiently. You most likely not be seen because the some noobs who play Call of Duty have some serious tunnel vision problems.

  2. Joe Fuchs says:

    Im a legit lvl 70, 10th prestige. My overall K/D is 1.16%. Another advantage of prestiging that u guys left out is that you get more custom classes. Thats really one of the main reasons i prestiged so many times. Im used to having 10 custom classes and i think it would really suck to only have 5 custom classes again.

  3. Brandon says:

    We should set up something to give him a million hits a day. At 30 cents a hit you could put him out of business.

  4. You set daily budget limits when you buy ad words, Brandon. It’s not unlimited.

  5. Atticus says:

    Still… might get expensive. How bad am I compared to him that my brother stole my account (6 prestige) and I made a new hacked account?

  6. Tinygreencamel says:

    Many 10th prestige hackers also become good because of the amount of attatchments and camos and guns they have. If they were to have a gun they love to use but could never get extended mags with it then they might be good. I am not 10th prestige I am 2nd but I use 4 guns exclusively and have a good time using them. It I hard to see the rotating skull emblem and have the person be 10 and 25 in domination if you know what I mean.

  7. Alec says:

    I am a booster but I only boost offline and everything I have online I eraned myself.

  8. Brian says:

    These are the same mod lobbies that also can strip people of MW2 stats as well.

  9. azza says:

    I listened to your podcast about that xbox hacker that sold the 10th prestige, did he ever get prosecuted? he sounded so candid and cocky but i think he is going to get in a lot of trouble