Black Ops Multiplayer Trailer Analyzed

If you’re anything like the Joint Ops crew, you can’t stop watching that fantastic multiplayer footage that Treyarch released the other day. By the way, you can watch it here. And you should.

For anyone wondering about whether or not this is a console version of the game, the UI is definitely from the XBOX 360 version. Here are thirteen screenshots of the footage and what they seem to indicate (it’s Friday the 13th this week, duh!):

See that tripod thing in the center with your team’s logo over it? That’s what Treyarch says is the “Camera Spike.” Since it looks like it was placed before “First Blood,” we can surmise that it’s equipment and not a killstreak reward, but at this point, there’s no confirmation. You place it in a room and get to see footage in your upper left hand radar map when it’s active. You can then pick it up, as long as your enemy hasn’t destroyed it (just like a sentry gun, or a tactical insertion). Oh, and check out your rifle. See that smiley face on it? Does that indicate that you can customize your weaponry in this game? Maybe.

First appearance of a new kill streak reward: the RC bomb car. Nice to get a weapon at 3 instead of just a UAV, eh? And check out the rocket going off in the background! Gorgeous. Does that indicate an objective-based mission? Maybe. But if I had to bet, it’s probably an indicator of something that goes on in the story mode.

That right there is one of your explosive crossbow bolts exploding in your enemy’s face while you notch another. It’s a delayed blast but just one seems to be enough to kill.

Hard to see in the still footage but that knife was just SHOT into that enemy’s back. They’re calling this the ballistic knife and watch what you can do to follow up:

Boom! Double stab to the back of enemy #2. Brutal!

Just an indicator of the fact that you can still call in helicopters as you can see in the radar on the upper left (and the devestation in the server room!)

Look closely at that enemy. See that green light? Unfortunately placed for that guy because that’s a sticky grenade, not unlike the semtex in MW2.

Ah, the RC car in action. If you look right in the middle you can see the trail of a rocket. Apparently that guides your car bomb. You can also see Cyrillic lettering on that red sign so I guess we’re fighting Russians. Makes sense since this is set during the Cold War.

And that, my friends, is a trail of napalm going off. Dangerous stuff. Is it the ultimate kill streak? The BOPs version of a nuke? Couldn’t say, but it’s nasty.

There you go. We’ll have a lot more news on September 1st and you can follow Treyarch’s community manager on Twitter for more info.

And here’s the newest thing Treyarch has added. A recording feature so that you can share your gameplay footage. Take a look at that user interface at the bottom! That’s a lot of cool options.

See the UI at the bottom now? He’s got it on “hold” to pause the footage while he rotates the camera around a pretty sweet kill. Wow!

You can manage your gameplay footage in segments and include transitions. No word yet on where you can share the footage. Will it only be between XBL friends, for instance? Or will they allow you to upload it directly to YouTube? If they do, I can see them including a service fee for such content. Halo 3 charged $20/year for that ability if I recall correctly. Still, expect a lot of exciting footage to end up on YouTube once this game launches.

8 Responses to “Black Ops Multiplayer Trailer Analyzed”

  1. twyg says:

    Well I have to say I wasn’t necessarily interested when I heard about this, but there’s some promising game play. Hopefully they can make that camera spike work since it’s something someone will just take out immediately, so it’ll be interesting how it’s implemented in the full game. For example no LED blinking on the sprite would mean it’d be relatively unmolested on a city map in a nook while using c4 as the trap and scavenger perk to keep ’em coming. 😉

    It’s nothing less than pretty. Obviously they’re stepping it up. Hopefully game play is good!

  2. agingsnoopdog1 says:

    veryyyy descriptive LoL…ROLL ON SEPTEMBER!

  3. Brian says:

    In picture 8 (the RC car in action) I do not believe that the rocket has anything to do with the RC car. Earlier in the vid (at kill streak 5) a reward called “Arc Angel” was given. Similar to the Predator missile, I believe the “Arc Angel” is a shoulder fired missile also known as a TOW missile.

    I may be wrong TOW missile theory, but I am pretty sure the RC car and the rocket in that screen shot do not coincide with one another. I believe that another player was in the same hallway of the person who placed the RC car down and just happened to fire of an “Arc Angel” at about the same time.

    You guys have a great podcast. Please keep up the good work.

  4. You could be right, Brian, but I watched the video several times and I’m pretty sure the car follows the missile path. We’ll see!

  5. Nate says:

    If you look close enough at the trailer, the RC car is not in fact following the archangel rocket, the archangel rocket didn’t enter the picture until a second later in the footage and it is a totally separate killstreak.

  6. Nate says:

    My mistake, only read the first comment, didn’t notice that someone else had commented on the RC car.

  7. Rusty S. says:

    this is exactly looking like mw2 sorry but i see no change in code just see more killstreaks it looks more modern war time than vietnam (sadly)

  8. Rusty S. says:

    mw2 got old