Joint Ops Monthly Episode 7: Reach Beta

This episode, the JOPS team takes a break from COD to discuss the recent Halo: Reach Beta. Also, the latest Call of Duty and Activision news and listener mail.

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4 Responses to “Joint Ops Monthly Episode 7: Reach Beta”

  1. MCWV says:

    NOT HALO!!!!

  2. Rob says:

    Sorry, but isnt this podcast called Joint Ops monthly the unoffical MODERN WARFARE podcast? so why the hell are you talking about Halo: Reach?

  3. Fulo says:

    …at least they mentioned, as usual, all the right things about this. Good one. Now, off to more important and relevant matters, such as MW2, Rust! (Haha), and the new Map Pack (way too expensive, also as usual). And how about discussing the various periferals and the whole MW2-ecosystem?

    Good lookin’ out, Fulo

  4. NavyCorpsmanSantos says:

    I’ve played the Reach Beta and I believe the closer you are to the grenade, the higher chances you die by that single grenade. I wander right under one by chance and died like that, and wonder “Where’s my shield?!” I suppose they just wanted to add some realism to the impact of the grenade, if it was right under you! =D

    And to that Hardcore/Core topic:
    I play Hardcore, and that’s something I play and enjoy more. I do ridiculously better in Core though, going 30 or 40 to 10, running around. And I might go positive 10 in Hardcore. In core you just go and jump in and have to shove the barrel in someones ear just to kill someone WITH Stopping Power WITH FMJ. It takes so much to kill. Core seems just a bit unrealistic because it depends on the power of the gun, whereas in Hardcore, they are equal, and depends on the player and his hunting skills. I constantly find myself yelling, because I find myself shooting at someone first getting hit markers, and he shoots back and I die, or being slashed by some asshole with a class called “Stabbing Bitches” with Commando.

    I feel the whole tactical thing depends on who you play with. I can join in a random lobby and play with people who say nothing at all, and go do their own thing, or I can play with my friends who travel in pairs, and we do much more better (any game mode).

    I love your guys’ podcast, listen to every single one. Good Job guys, keep it up! My gt: [NAVY]DliwsrekoJ (Jokerswild backwards), hope to see you guys before I’m stationed.
    Not bitching; just giving my opinion. :]