Joint Ops Monthly Episode 2: Quarry

In the second episode of Joint Ops Monthly: The Unofficial Modern Warfare 2 Podcast, we discuss the new patch including things that were fixed and things that are still broken, the latest Call of Duty franchise news and tips and strategy for Quarry. Also, the Modern Warfare 2 player of the month, listener mail and a YouTube video recommendation.

15 Responses to “Joint Ops Monthly Episode 2: Quarry”

  1. NRay7882 says:

    There’s Someone In The Gift Shop! –

    Sandy Ravage: Booster Justice –

    Sandy Ravage: Booster Justice 2 –

  2. Trey(aka, Vercruy) da app tester says:

    This may sound gay. but i love u guys 4 including me in ure podcast. please read the new app review and i hope u include it in ure show like the last one

  3. Trey aka Vercruy aka the app tester says:

    My new app that i have decided to test is called “Battle Plan” by Toy Foy Studios, LLC(w’o quotes). I would give it 4.5 out of 5 STARS. This app is 1.99$ and its pretty cool. Its mostly like an dream class builder. It lets you fully customize any set of perks weapons , ect. It then lets you tap any class, weapon, equipment, ect. And shows info for that item/ an definition for it. It also has an section for an complete encyclopedia of everything useable in the game of Mw2. The best part of the app to me is the interesting videos section. It has about 20 videos and counting of the weapons of Mw2 being used in real life. It also shows in game vids of things like a 6 kill c4 det. And an like 10 kill predator missile. And things like an spas 12 made of leggos(XD). It is available in the app store if you search Battle plan, Modern warfare 2, call of duty. I hope u guys put this review on ure next show and I am truly Truly grateful for including me in ure last show. I hope I can be app tester of the month. Lol JK. Umm well that’s all for this months review. I hope this is useful to anyone out there. Btw thanks for the shoutout. (and for the guy who was “shouting it” lol. Until next time this is trey aka Vercruy aka the app tester dude.

  4. Trey aka da app tester says:

    instead of an app review on dis post i thought of a seemingly good idea too me. i thought u guys could have an section for the funniest thing you hear people say when your playing them. for example in th efirst episode. someone said a kid told some one that their (at least i have good grammar other than focusing on route times) (lol) anyway that their mom T-bagged them. stuff lik that. i was just wondering if it was a good idea. any way thats it.

  5. Thanks for the review, Vercruy. Feel free to post it on the Forums, maybe some other listeners will have a better chance of seeing it.

  6. trey/vercruy/appsttr says:

    @ Chris the zombie
    i have tried to but it saies the file is to big to post so i am working on an condenced version.

  7. Skipper says:

    Hi chaps. First off sorry for posting this on month one too.
    As a PC player I really enjoyed listening to the podcast but I found it amusing how your favourite maps I.e Skiprow and Scrapyard were my least favourite. I doubt this is a console vs PC thing but rather
    a weapon preference thing. I play sniper or rifle mainly and as stealthy as I can. My favourite map at the moment is highrise due to the fact it allows me to use both my sniper and spas 12 in equal measures.
    I’m writing this one handed whilst trying to feed my baby daughter all the way across in the UK. Keep up the good work.

    ps have you tried the cod:waw zombie app on the iPhone yet?

  8. Ekk3os says:

    wgat me and my friends do is for search we all place c4 around one bomb and then camp around the other, so if it says the bomb has been planted detonate and make your way over to the bomb, or one of your friends could detonate early to try and scare the guy off.

  9. angela says:

    paul you can just suck my dick and you are just a fucking camper pulling everyone’s legs at the back and camp the fuck out of nothing
    get a life and stop thinking that you’re the god of sandy ravage’s channel

    i don’t usually swear since i’m a girl but what you’ve said during the stream was pissing me off

  10. Did you really write this post by yourself? It seems…TOO GOOD! Haha, great job man, I love hearing about video games, especially Call of Duty ones! 😀 Have an exciting day and thanks for your post! 😀

  11. Soraya Begay says:

    Wow… Really informative post!
    Have a fantastic day!

  12. agingsnoopdog1 says:

    in the gift shop is a classic Bro…respect..!

  13. Its not the best ive played but its by far the best C.O.D. Treyarch have produced, It has Infinity Ward quality. The campains plot is fantastic in so many ways it keeps you wanting more, lots more The zombie maps are awesome fun, and matchmaking is obviously brilliant.

  14. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Thanks a lot!

  15. esif12 says:

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