Justice Dealt to Boosters

TheSandyRavage just posted this excellent video on YouTube where he hunted down and took vengence on boosters. Stick around to the end and enjoy some of the hate mail he received for his efforts.

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7 Responses to “Justice Dealt to Boosters”

  1. NRay7882 says:

    LOL, incredible. I would of loved to have watched that live when he was streaming it. Very cool.

  2. BigOBX says:

    Word up Nick that would have been great to see live and in color.

  3. WoW lol that dude is beast… I like the feature that you can follow people.(i play on PSN)

  4. Tom_Bomb_ says:

    Thats why I always see 2 guys hanging out together in free for all. Time to issue some justice!!!!

  5. xDIBx Pyschotic says:

    HHAHAAHAHAHAHHAAA!!!! I know one of those guys he got. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    “It’s Clobberin’ time!”

  6. Awesome! I caught two guys doing this on free for all on highrise in the spot where sandy ravage hit them with the predator when I first started playing but didn’t know what they were doing. I spent the entire match repeatedly killing them from different angles. The after game lobby audio was pretty much the same thing. Eat a bag of d|€k$ cheaters!!

  7. XxPRO ACRxX says:

    Good Job i hate boosters!!!! Do it legimitly or dont play the game at all and its probly boring boosting just shooting eachother in the head for what a couple of hours. Sorry for my launage but u brought it to thoose fucken boosters they deserveted it and i am defently going to start playing Free-For-All just to kill thoose people because theres probly more on there then Domination and i wrecked my K/D just to kill thoose boosters!!