Joint Ops Monthly Episode 1: Pilot

Joint Ops Monthly: Episode 1

In the premiere episode of Joint Ops Monthly, Jeff, Chris, Chuck and Nick discuss their favorite maps, the latest Modern Warfare 2 and Infinity Ward news and offer up pro strategies from the first Joint Ops Monthly Modern Warfare 2 player of the month.

Show notes:

Here is the “How to be Pro” strategy forum post discussed in the episode.

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20 Responses to “Joint Ops Monthly Episode 1: Pilot”

  1. […] My new podcast, Joint Ops Monthly: The Unofficial Modern Warfare 2 Podcast, has made its debut. You can listen to it here. […]

  2. Trey V says:

    i love ure podcast

  3. Trey V says:

    theres a good way to keep up with all of ure stats, challenges, titles, emblems, achievements, and map pics all in one app for .99$ By an iphone app called “MW2 pwn” (with out quotes) by, Meek is Murder. It is very infominal about everything MW2 online related. IT tells u ure total XP earned total from playing and unlocking challenges. I love to use it and i was seeing if u could mention it in ure next podcast. (and possibly mention who reccomended it to u) (ME). i play the PS3 version as thats all i have because i dont like paying to play. MY online User is Vercruy (possibly could u give a “shout out” for me. i know i am just another kid just wanting to be heard but i was just seeing if u would). if u want i could be a tester of apps for MW2 as every time something comes out i buy it and try it, and i could give you a reort on the latest app for ipod touch and iphone. The app i mentioned aboe is really good and i hope you mention it. ty for reading this and possibly considering it. i appreciate any info you can get back to me .
    Trey (aka) (Vercruy)

  4. Luke P says:

    Hey guys just listened to the 1st episode and its great, That strategy guide is pretty insane, I’ve seen it on Cant wait for the new episode and it’d be cool if I could add you guys on Xbox Live

  5. Thanks for the comments, guys! Everyone is welcome to friend us on XBL if they like. We’ll try to send out invites when we have room.

  6. DeepwaterJohn says:

    I enjoy this podcast, i was also wondering if you guys could tell me where i can download that song you guys played at the end of the first
    podcast: Pilots.

  7. Thanks for the kind words about the podcast. The song at the end isn’t a real song — it was created with loops in Garage Band. I can send it to you as an MP3 — email me at, and I’d be happy to send it to you.

  8. Stewrat says:

    So when can we expect the next episode guys? I’m holding onto my ankles in anticipation!

  9. The next episode should be up this week — maybe even sooner than you think.

  10. DomDady says:

    Hey guys i love the podcast. I listened to it one night, and i got hooked on it. i was wondering if you guys could talk about the map Favala, the next chance you get because i have been having some problems with people on that map.

  11. Thanks for writing — we will try to cover Favela as soon as we can.

  12. crazysnowbdr says:

    I am listening to Ep 2 and I love it, it feels like I am listening to a radio show and I want to call in so bad to give my opinion. Very good show

  13. We’ll try to set up a show sometime soon when listeners can call in. We’ll announce it on the podcast at some point.

    We are doing Skidrow for episode 3 but might be able to do Favela on 4 or 5.

  14. Skipper says:

    Hi chaps. As a PC player I really enjoyed listening to the podcast but I found it amusing how your favourite maps I.e Skiprow and Scrapyard were my least favourite. I doubt this is a console vs PC thing but rather
    a weapon preference thing. I play sniper or rifle mainly and as stealthy as I can. My favourite map at the moment is highrise due to the fact it allows me to use both my sniper and spas 12 in equal measures.
    I’m writing this one handed whilst trying to feed my baby daughter all the way across in the UK. Keep up the good work.

    ps have you tried the cod:waw zombie app on the iPhone yet?

  15. kdj says:

    Love the podcasts! I can use all the tips I can get!

    I reaaly like the idea of discussing one map per episode.

    Any idea when new maps are coming out?

  16. GreasemonkeyMc says:

    i luve your podcasts ilisten to them instudy hallwhen i have a chane.
    i played in a room to day and i got 13 invites to a tenth prestige game.
    i did what you said i reported them all

  17. Lonelywolf99 says:

    I don’t like it when people hid in those cheap cheat in wastland and afgane.

  18. Lonelywolf99 says:

    I hate spawn killers. They are just noobs and how do you watch for them.

  19. […] A younger podcast, having started only this year, comes from a handful guys from the US’ east coast: Joint Operations monthly. It’s all about “guys’ favorite franchise”, Modern Warfare 2, discussing news, weapons, maps, and playmodes, while at the end naming their favorite “Player of the month” and throughout quoting various 12 year olds caught playing a mature game. I really had to LOL several times through the first issue alone. All cool guys, good voices, good humor, you name it. If you ask nicely, they even send you their own starting music via gmail. […]

  20. Lesia Dilsaver says:

    Style & Sound. i’ll´╗┐ definitely try it! it’ll be great having a UNIQUE case from everyone!